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Dec 21 07 2:31 AM

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the god vision is never blurred my words never slurred
got no "game" but my word's the realest she ever heard
i speak doctrine not dicktrine so don't confuse it
my quill slides across paper makes beautiful music
ancient of days in my ways so a goddess is ideal
gotta be completely honest it's the way i feel
conscious appeal she knows her role of lioness
prepped to sow royal oats its her royal hiness
she's god-knowing and not god-fearing
she rocks headwraps with ankh earrings
i need a headrwap queen in red black and green
she's most worshipped so let the facts be seen
Aset, Hathor, Tiamat or Hatshepsut at Luxor
Tamara or Ninti or Sheba or Shiva i lust for
got trust for, foul thoughts i connot concieve
mother nature spawn seeds by mitochondria eve
but wait i see you as way more than just T&A
place my DNA then wait 9-months for the ETA
birth the revolution, then raise boy to a god
Horus walking along Osirus holdin a coiled rod
we can raise dieties, sun worhip, and heal nations
deal with patients one day we will reveal the ancients.

a.k.a. Neteru, Sword Have Mercy, Thug E. Fresh, Morgue Truck, Damn You Fine.


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Jun 12 15 11:20 AM

Yo this is similar to a debate i viewed.

Hot as cacti in the storming desert snow
Perfection is sought brogut repachaged and soed
Ode to the old wiser than the bull toad
Froggy legtin anit gonna get your award showed
Jammin like a marley comb
Pop a wheelile off the chain with no bicicle
Happy as popsicieles with or without pops sicile
Hes goin in to shock about diet and heart sicles
Kicking heat like barber school
This competes with all the crude rizing up like a farmer duel
Heated as charkol moved i got weight like army school
Cut weight like r mes do
Hat stitched like marvy school
Talking to my x got me lookin like a gospel dude
Upper chest harness must be attatched before being reattatched and
Ruining that chance of action means the action didnt happen/

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