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Dec 14 07 5:22 PM

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I remember those cold days,
When most would read me through my fonts bold ways/
But then I got bold face like type print,
Started to depict the predicaments I used to resent/
But now my days are spent writing for my existence,
Writing for my health, I didn’t really care who listened/
Cuz it was only for my heart, my soul and my mind,
My inspiration at the time was books, beats, and rhymes/
And the blood of the man bucked down in the ballroom,
Last dance faded to black, only light no volume/
But now its not here no more,
Tried to pick it up again, but it’s heavier than hearts at war/
And I swore I would make it happen but I need you,
You were the mirror, the window I would see through/
As this beat bleeds through headphones I bleed too,
Because I’m missing something vital in the booth, that’s you/

"We have to change our state of mind to change the state we're in."



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Dec 21 07 2:28 AM

Re: Inspiration

Blackstar wrote:
And the blood of the man bucked down in the ballroom,

Hammerstein. and that was creative. few will catch it.

good drrrrrrrrrop.

a.k.a. Neteru, Sword Have Mercy, Thug E. Fresh, Morgue Truck, Damn You Fine.


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Sep 12 15 10:36 PM


contactin a ryhme cause hes flippin his tounge

swearn he goin ham but wasnt flippent enough

rememebr you patterning like u remember u tough

i read you lyrics. enough.

no focus, the potent red lotus originator of stlye, smile you should know u bogus

this #%@% crossed my desk and it to my panache was a semi-potent.

anictdotile with and answered quotent

frequent flyer milage on the throttle focus

thought u was spitten u mearly left the bottle open

clearely u tryna get near me but weary not nearly upon the ghost men

see the difference, im chain and your rope

too loose in the rythm to tryna mettle with wats spoke

you shoulda been there you lost and never started

thats two ls like you was hungry for the market.

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