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Sep 17 09 5:01 PM

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i feel at home on da block
where doing right wrong da block
free lunch line long on da block
da cops thicker than the smoke
cant breathe on da block
brother died flirting wit flags
da block still waving his flag
i got named for my boro
tucking a long sword black mask
courts callin me Zoro
fill my cup up wit oil
so i can slide thru da turmoil
fasting make red eyes
i call em hunger blood boils
so i see food
wen i see fools
claiming a life based on protools
preying on autotune
they smoke straight
but the affects full circle
cough on da first cough on da last
try to control my wraith
by breaking the fast
wake b4 da sun to drink da due off da grass
im plotting on barack's cup
heard he had change
talking to school
heard she gave brains
but the head whack
the reason i slack
my dogs gotta eat
the reason for scraps
everything a scene
the reason for acts
got lost
wen they spilled drink on my map
gave me a star
thay say u here on da map
nex to a smudged road home
so if going back a safety
its 3rd n 50
n my daughter watching from the endzone
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Sep 12 15 10:48 PM

perfected these bars with a chared wwapon to scar aggressive and all

vest and a scotch dont make me pull out this hecklar kotch

medical cars aint reppin ya bars, no heat no degree


o wait, you talkin to me?

get better before you hear the boom

barrel hole in this pistol, i hope you get well soon

just left the weed spot empty, and i paid for the herb

blazing the murked satanist flavorist verse

you cant compare cause you cant inhale

you call a block a block and a gat a snail

tecknichally to me, that means your blasters frail

i never heard of a gun slow small and greesey that would yell

u aint hard as far as i can tell

you workes for the mob or somethin cause you cant spell

no reason for bad raps when it comes to math class

cause if you said on a beat it would sound like cats ass

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