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Mar 18 05 3:43 PM

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Whiskey Drip Down The Chin/
Shifty, Sip Down the Gin/
59/50 Flipped In Wind/
Do His Share Fill Yellow Bins/
Clean Rims, 22Inches How He Wishes He Owned Chrome/
Home Phone, Reciever Allow Voices To Roam His Dome/
Poems and Prose Drip From BIC Compose the Story of His Life/
The Glory of His Fight With the Forty to His Right/
"Oh Lordy" Why the Light, Kill It, Which Sword He Want to Fight/
Tight He Clench Guiness Glass Spinnin' Caps of Finished Drafts/
Dentist Caps to Spell the Name/
Throught Nasal Cracks He Smells The Fame/
Recepticle Near Capacity, Our Hero Fears a Travesty/
Yesterday Was Saturday, Tomorrow Take the Trash Away...


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#3 [url]

Mar 19 05 12:22 AM

yeh...was a nice piece doot
[thumbs up]

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Mar 19 05 7:09 AM

stop being so sensitive...does someone need a hug?

\\"My thirst for domination is fed only by the game. I refuse to get distracted by outside forces...But desire is the ultimate fuel. Hunger changes any situation.\\"-Kobe Bryant

kmack2120: are you leaving now? *whimpers*
kmack2120: always LEAVING me
LostAngelina22: hahahahaahahahahahahahahah
LostAngelina22: thats siggy material

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Sep 15 15 1:53 AM


i know he didnt just spit the chinese translation of the birthday song

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