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Jun 25 07 11:05 PM

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June 25, 2007. Looks like the bad blood between Chris "Ludacris" Bridges and Tip "T.I." Harris is really starting to heat up. Last week, reported that TI was taking subliminal jabs at fellow Atlanta native Ludacris. But last night, the jabs went from verbal to physical.

According to one of's most trusted spies, TI and Ludacris' manager Chaka Zulu got into a fight. Well, if that's what you want to call it.

It all happened at the Make It Happen Visionary Leadership Awards Brunch - a charity event hosted by entertainment mogul Kevin Liles. Our tipster explains, "TI seemed really drunk and he was talking real loud and reckless - getting himself all riled up."

When Ludacris' manager Chaka Zulu politely asked TI to quiet down, the melee began. Tells our snitch, "TI was sloppy drunk and he wanted to fight. But [Chaka] kept his cool and just kept talking to TI." The snitch continues, "Then out of no where, TI sucker punched [Chaka] in the face with all his might. It didn't seem to effect Chaka cause he commenced to throwing TI around the room like he was a rag doll ... He could have beat TI senseless, but he didn't."

Luckily for TI, Chaka allowed him to leave without further incident. Our tattle explains, "T.I.'s boys picked him up off the ground and they all left. Even I was embarrassed for him ... Chaka just dusted himself off and tried to act like nothing happened. It was such a mess - but I loved every minute of it."

As of this morning, representatives for both camps were doing their best to play down the incident.



Bounty Killer - Smoke The Herb

[Blunt Tech Dubstep Remix]

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Jun 26 07 4:57 PM

Speaking of Luda... Him & Chingy performed live on stage together on Saturday the 23 at Powerhouse... their little beef od king of the South is done with... but oddly enough, TI was there also, but he didn't perform with them... he performed alone later... AND KANYE PERFORMED CAN'T TELL ME... it was dope!!!!!

That is all.

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