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Jan 1 08 2:32 AM

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Let me paint a picture
worth a thousand words
containing vowels and verbs
that sounds superb.
Why's this world so caught up
material wealth and products?
nigga ratha ride 24s then raise his daughters.
pround of his ghetto ways
when subliminally he hate it
saggin his pants so for so long
forgot where his waist was located
it was jail where gays created it
then these homo thugs emulated it.
yeah i said it
i dare a bastard aproach me
choke a fag with his rosery
kick ass till u know its me
i spit facts so nottice me.
the black magic
got the vatican chokin and shakin
when i expose that their whole shyt is pagan.
my flow is foresaken
so they hatin my diction
cuz i take it back to the days of egyptians.
original gods
the Amen
the Ra
the Ankh
Thutmose holdin a cobra as a rod
holup..lemme slow it down..i lost some a ya'll.
not sayin i know it all
but the search is the key
and life is timed so i search with urgency
and niggas are in a state of emergency
only time they Trust in God is when they hold currency.
displayin options
raisin ya conscious
slayin the nonsense
i'm sayin that constant.
i'm here to heal whats broken like a cast on
while you bitches make no sense
like women fuckin other women wit a strap on.
any podium i stand on
i resemble malcom x in focus
my 3rd eye lense see through hocus pocus.
Givin answers to black kids
Black Panthers with black clips
givin crackas fat lips
who hit blacks with cracked whips
turned blacks to addicts
with Willie Lynch tactics.
Now, the sun will burn
only the melaninites survive the Re's(rays)
i shed light in ways to turn nights to dayyyyyyyyyys...

a.k.a. Neteru, Sword Have Mercy, Thug E. Fresh, Morgue Truck, Damn You Fine.


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