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Sep 16 08 4:18 PM

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Surprised to see no post on this already, one of the greatest films ive ever seen, who else here loved this film and went batman crazy? by far the best one of em all, and i dont know how theyre gona top it if they do a third
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Sep 22 08 4:02 PM

I loved it.
it's just not that many post on here to make a thread about it! LOL.

Steff is a celebrity.its her job to know a lot of ppl (c) Rann

There's a fine line between being a groupie and a fan and some people have crossed that line. (c) Double...I dont know why that makes me laugh!

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Sep 23 08 7:17 PM

lol yh, dam these message boards aint as active as they use to be. oh and also, i thort i would mention the score was great too! played a big part in setting the mood for the film, and to think hans zimmer played keyboards on video killed the radio star:|

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