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Jan 19 09 4:39 AM

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how are things?

Turn It Up

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Jan 19 09 5:04 PM

The forum is still good for a check-in post from a random member every month.

Yes, this has to be the only place in America where people actually applauded when several members of the Bad Boys walked off the floor without shaking the Bulls' hands back in '91. I know I did. Even though the Bad Boys had won two titles and had routinely beaten the Bulls prior to getting swept in '91, MJ and the Jordanaires had never given the Pistons their proper respect, so, cats had to do what they had to do.

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Jan 20 09 8:45 AM

its like over the past few months everyone has been coming back on some "hey where did yall go" tip.
I think its time to cut the bullshit, and start taking over other forums with aliases like back in the old days.




EARLY cookin omlets over EASY...


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